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Mandy Moore's Journal

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Monday, August 12th, 2002
1:50 pm - la la...
Hey everyone! Guess what! I'M NOT SICK ANYMORE! wooooooo! Gotta love being healthy and young. lol.

Oh man. I went grocery shopping the other night and I was standing in line waiting, when I saw a magazine with ME on the front cover. Teen People. I picked it up and looked through it and... decided to buy it. The people at the register probably think I'm some shallow weirdo. lol.

What a great day I'm having. Lance and I were talking about our little relationship type thing we had a year ago. That was just... yeah. It lasted a month and.. it didn't work out for obvious reasons. We won't even go INTO that. I need to go see him in Russia. I miss him too much.

Justin and I haven't really talked since we got into a fight the other day. I hate being on bad terms with my friends, but some of the things he does I don't agree with and I'm not just going to keep my mouth shut and let him do it.. But it's his life, and I'm not even really a part of it.. But he IS my friend and letting him do stupid things would result in making ME look stupid for being his friend.

Anyways, for now that's it. I'll talk to y'all later. Kisses.


current mood: blah

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Friday, August 9th, 2002
1:45 pm - *sigh*
Hey guys. Jc's party was a blast. I had tons of fun and Jc seemed to enjoy himself too, so I'm always glad for that. He's got a hell of a hangover this morning, though.

I think I'm going to explode. I drank last night, which I don't normally do, and my head feels like it's going to fall from my shoulders at any time now.

Ahh, there is a god. Justin is going to be the great friend that he is and bring me chicken noodle soup and niquil because I think I'll throw up if I get out of bed. I'm gonna watch talk shows all day and be lazy. So well for that shopping trip....

My advice to you today is : Don't do something before you consider the consequences. *grabs head* Ouch.

That's all for now, guys. Love ya!


current mood: sick

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Thursday, August 8th, 2002
7:07 pm - Update on the life of Mandy Moore.... heh
Hey everybody! Sorry I've been neglecting updating this journal the past couple days! I've just been so busy doing so many things. I think I over scheduled my week and it's so hard to handle all this stuff at once! I promise I'll be better about updating though! :-)

I had the best day today! I finally got to wind down and do something for me, which was very nice. I was shopping almost all day and I got some great new stuff. Mainly stuff to put in my apartment. I can't help it! I'm such a nicnac lover!

I wanna give a shoutout to J! ;-) He and I are gonna go shopping together soon! heh. If we don't get shipped away, that is.

Well, that's all for now! Again, I'm so sorry about not updating! I'll have another update for you tomorrow! I love you guys. Muah! Mucho kisses to all of you for putting up with me!




current mood: embarrassed

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Tuesday, August 6th, 2002
11:33 pm - Happy, happy, happy!
Hey everybody! I hate first entries because they are always boring, so I'm gonna try to spice mine up, somehow...

Anyways, I was talking to Lance on aim the other night, and he told me about how he and several of my great friends had joined a community where they wrote about their every day lives for people to read. Well, I love my friends and any way that I can be closer to them sounds good to me. So, here I am now, with a journal. I have an aim name: MooreMandy4You(same as my journal) heh.

So, you're probably wondering how I've been, or at least, I hope you're wondering! I just finished doing the Teen Choice Awards! I was nominated for 4. I don't even know what to say, because I totally wasn't expecting it! I've been working on a couple movies that will probably be coming out next year, so look for that also!

Anyways, I'm out for now. I love you all! :-) Muahz!


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